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Piuvolume is edited by BlueCheese Project

The APS Bluecheese Project, active since 2000, is a non-profit association born from the interaction of a heterogeneous group of communicators, creatives, art curators. All its activities are born and develop in the dynamics of a permanent laboratory for the experimentation of contemporary culture: its declinations are as manifold as the possibilities for exploring it are indeterminate.

For this reason, he has been collaborating for years with independent realities and cultural institutions – the French Academy, the British Council, the Rome Film Festival, Rome Capital, the Ghoete Institut, the Lazio Region, Zètema Cultura, et al.

Since 2002 he has launched numerous activities carried out with the support and in collaboration with cultural institutions: “Hi-Fight” – Municipio X Rome, 2002-2005, “On Fire – La Notte Bianca” – Municipality of Rome 2005-2006- 2007; “Turn off the fire” New Year’s Eve at Pigneto 2006 – Rome Capital; “Eco art Village” – Roman Summer 2007; “Extra Light” – Rome Film Festival 2007; “Chill out Design” – Testaccio Slaughterhouse, Rome 2008- 2009-2010 Lazio Region and Rome Capital; “Urban re-creation – Rione Garbatella, Rome 2008; “PiùVolume” 2015 Rome Capital; “Bhangra Night at the Museum” 2015 MACRO Museum – Rome Capital; “Night Circus at the Museum” 2016 Palazzo Braschi-Museum of Rome; “Bauci Park” 2017 for Simultaneously Rome – Rome Capital; “Funky Night at the Museum” 2017 Hall of the Protomoteca in Campidoglio; “Night Swing at the Museum” 2018 Palazzo Braschi-Museum of Rome; “Snews – scientific fake news” Eureka! Rome 2018 – Rome Capital; “Snews – scientific fake news” Eureka! Rome 2019 – Rome Capital; “Rione Roma Tour festival” 2020-21-22 Roman Summer – Rome Capital; “Snews – scientific fake news” Eureka! Rome 2020-21-22 – Rome Capital. 28-29 August 2022 RomaCorsara for Pasolini100, Rome tells Pasolini.


 Con Amir Issaa per “RomaCorsara”, Roma ricorda Pasolini 2022
“RomaCorsara” Roma ricorda Pasolini 2022
RioneRoma Tour Festival 2020, progetto di rigenerazione urbana

Musei in Musica 2018 “Antonio Sorgentone Quartet” Palazzo Braschi_ Museo di Roma

Musei in Musica 2017 “Funkallisto Live” Sala della Protomoteca in Campidoglio


Musei in Musica 2016 “Adriano Bono & The reggae Circus” Palazzo Braschi – Piazza Navona


Musei in Musica 2016 “Bhangra Brothers” Museo MACRO Testaccio


Laboratori per “Snews – Fake news scientifiche” 2019


Workshop “Bauci Park” presso TAG Cinecittà 2018


“Apparizioni a Castel Sant’Angelo” Mostra-Evento Opere della Mutoid Waste Co. 2016


Roberto Latini a “Apparizioni a Castel Sant’Angelo” 2016