The Project

PiùVolume is a web platform that gives visibility and connections to creative activities, communities and social organizations.

Join us with your projects, stories, artistic and social activities. We believe in networking opportunities and variety of backgrounds to create an interdisciplinary, active and visionary, community.

Più Volume means “pump up the volume” and this is what our project does.
By our web platform – – which is a web site and a network of social media, we give more volume to creative project with a social, positive, impact.
From small neighborhood actions to worldwide campaigns, any news on good practices to make a better world, is what we want to “pump up”.

Contemporary online communication is characterized by the diffusion of negative news and fake news. That generate mistrust, prejudice and fear.
PiuVolume communication project, aims to promote the dissemination of ethically oriented actions on social media and online information. To sustain solidarity, optimism and positive connections between people.

Art and creativity spread values and encourage partecipation: different types of people, with different skills, interests and access need, find themselves working together on the same project. This course of action pushes the boundaries, geographical and mental, and trace new paths of solidarity. This way of acting and its effects is exactly what the project wants to communicate and spread.

Piuvolume project started in 2015, through the support of musical and artistic initiatives that included different expressive languages. During these years it has organized many events to which hundreds of people have collaborated: musicians, students, video makers, journalists, teachers, photographers and many others. Now we want to develop this action by creating a great editorial staff that will have the task of recounting actions from different parts of the world.
We will have a on line desk which is Piuvolume web platform (web site, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter); here we publish the news (articles, report, narrative, photographs, video) and spread them with the help of the whole community of volunteers and cultural operators involved.

The news covered are about creativity applied to topics such as: global warming, environment, pollution, sustainability, integration, immigration, social cohesion.

From 2015 until now it produced projects in different macro-area: PiùVolume Creativity (Roma Creativa – presso Città dell’Altra Economia), PiùVolume Sculpture (Giardini di Castel Sant’Angelo), PiùVolume Performance (Palazzo BraschiMACRO Testaccio, Villa Aldobrandini; Sala della Protomoteca in Campidoglio); PiùVolume Storytelling (Bauci ParkSnews).

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