Piuvolume is a project of BlueCheese.

BlueCheese Project is a cultural non profit organisation, founded in Rome in 2000 by a collective of promoters, deejays, veejays and designers.

The BC sets itself out to be a meeting place and driving force for all that is contemporary culture, a sort of permanent experimental laboratory for electronic language: music, video, web-art, theatre, performance, photography.

In 2000 it created the Factory, a place for independent arts which in three years produced hundreds of events.

Over the years the activity of the BC has become richer; with networking opportunities and the variety of backgrounds of its community, this organization sets its path by moving from club events to public art project. 

All activities have been carried out in collaboration with independent communities and cultural institutes such as: Accademy of France, British Council, Rome Film Festival, Roma Capitale, Ghoete Institut, Regione Lazio, and many others.

In recent years, the activities have increasingly focused on storytelling for the web, weaving together different languages and social media, with the aim of growing and giving visibility to new productions.

PIUVOLUME is its most recent project, a web and social media platform for artists and musicians (project funded by “Roma Capitale” Cultural Department); it allowed to relate with many European communities.

Piuvolume is a collective work always in progress.

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